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5 February 2012

Opinion Nothing

So it seems that everyone has an opinion on Lana Del Rey at the moment. Her name is a buzz word being banded about by what seems like everyone.
For a number of unimportant and bewilderingly mundane reasons (name change, surgery speculation,  inauthenticity) she is being hailed as a hugely controversial and important figure who's existence and success are proof that society is morally corrupt.
Well, for starters society was pretty fucked long before little Lana reared her head, and for seconds... what?

This whole media storm around a certain Lizzie Grant (as she was formally known) is exactly that, a product of the media, solely created to generate publicity.
It is absolutely no secret that the girl dubbed the indie scene's 'Next Big Thing' is as manufactured as the winner of X Factor, yet the people seem to be up in arms and firmly divided in their opinions of her.

But just what is all the fuss about?

Lana's transition from chavvy folk singer-wongwriter to mainstream indie goddess, and the subsequent rise to fame seems to terrify, anger and intruige both the music critics and the public.
Self proclaimed indie kids are outraged by the blatant and crass use of retro and vintage styling in her image overhall, yet can't help but be drawn to her.
Men find themselves enthralled by her incredible beauty, but cheated when it is unvieled that she is surgically enhanced... and wait... is that not her natural hair colour?

Grazia has likened Lana to Rhianna, Beyonce and Katy Perry. At first this seems absurd, how can this manufactured nobody be likened to three of the most successful female recording artists of the moment? And it is within that respect that this is exactly where she belongs, on the pop culture shelf with Ri Ri, Bey and Kitty Purry for company.

Only time will tell if she can ride out the tide and make the second step, Indie Wannabe to fully fledged Queen of Pop.
Chances are that is is one rising star that has burnt itself out before its even had the chance to shine.

17 December 2011

Just a little bit too proud of the fact that I perfected this with my left hand too- SKILLZZZ.
New business card anyone? xx
I have always been a massive fan of the ol' mannequin nail. Outlines take it to a whole other level! Inspiration from Alex Box, obviously... the goddess/genius that she is!
Products used: My ULTIMATE go to nude nail polish... Rimmel LYCRA PRO 365 Beige Style
Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat
Illamasqua Boosh

Other nudes which I love and reach for regularly depending on peoples skin tones are:
H&M Nail Polish in Nerd
Star Gazer 501
Look Beauty Nail Pop in Petticoat (21) and Chino (7)
Gosh Nail Lacquer in 595 Miss Sweety

21 November 2011

Livin' La Viva Glam Loca

So a few months ago the dissapointing and unlikely partnership of le Minge and Martin to replace Lady Gaga as the MAC Aids Fund Viva Glam ambassadors was announced to the world.
I'm going to be honest I wasn't exactly jumping for joy.... I was holding out for Katy Perry and instead got a poor man's Rihanna and a... well, a Ricky Martin.

The campaign is exactly what I expecting.
le Minge looking like a douche, wearing a pink lipstick that is 
a) Almost exactly the same colour as Gaga's original Viva Glam (But since when has le Minge ever done anything original anyway?)
b) A horrendous colour on darker skin tones ie/ hers
c) Almost the same colour as Pink Friday which refers us back to points a) and b)

On the plus side Ricky Martin is tattooed and camping it up to the max


20 November 2011

The Ballad Of Petra Doe

A few months ago I collaborated with one of my favourite teams:
Photographer Leoni Blue, Stylist Sophie Monro-Pruett and Hairstylist Kasia Fortuna on a shoot we like to call "The Bird Story"

We were over the moon when one of our favourite magazines Ballad Of loved it and picked it up to use as an editorial in their new issue The Ballad Of Petra Doe!
As you can imagine we were super excited... And even more excited when we were then invited to the Old Blue Last on friday night for the launch party/Wake ;)

As well as finally meeting Katie & Lindsey the brains and beauty behind Ballad Of we were also mingling with tons of other young creatives who contributed to the issue.
It was an awesome night and we are so greatful to have been invited...  even more so when we discovered our amazing goodie bags!

Any one who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of the tote bag.... as someone who insists on carrying her own body weight in "You never know when it might need it" stuff about London on a daily basis, a handy neighbourhood tote bag has come to my rescue on many an occasion.

I am also never one to pass up a freebie or two, Janet Jackson taught me well.

The moral of the story is we were spoilt rotten with our absolutely gorgeous Boudoir Prive Tote bags packed to the rafters with goodies. 
  • My absolute favourite things in the whole wide world were:
  • The amazing vampire teeth necklace by Scarlett Hearts (Which by the way I have fallen so madly in love with that there will be a follow up post devoted to them) 
  • The super cute Monster Mash necklace by Jaymie 
  • A cute little geisha girl key ring & love hearts from Bex Belle
  • An eye pencil from Illamasqua, Face Mask & Bath Bubbles from I Love...  & Crackle Polish from W7
Also definately worth a mention are the following talented illustrators Cathy Hookey, Mollybee* Doddle DayHarriet Gray, Faye West, Jo Want, Anna Gwenllian and photographers Cat Lane and Flora Deborah

PS. Will be designer of the "Everything sucks and we're going to die" Poster please stand up, because it is amazing and is currently adorning the doorway to our kitchen. Mystery Solved Thanks to the wonder that is t'internet/twitter. Thanks everyone! Alexander Walker 

Thankyou so much Ballad Of and everyone else who made the party, big love to Yuya & Thomas :) xxx