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5 February 2012

Opinion Nothing

So it seems that everyone has an opinion on Lana Del Rey at the moment. Her name is a buzz word being banded about by what seems like everyone.
For a number of unimportant and bewilderingly mundane reasons (name change, surgery speculation,  inauthenticity) she is being hailed as a hugely controversial and important figure who's existence and success are proof that society is morally corrupt.
Well, for starters society was pretty fucked long before little Lana reared her head, and for seconds... what?

This whole media storm around a certain Lizzie Grant (as she was formally known) is exactly that, a product of the media, solely created to generate publicity.
It is absolutely no secret that the girl dubbed the indie scene's 'Next Big Thing' is as manufactured as the winner of X Factor, yet the people seem to be up in arms and firmly divided in their opinions of her.

But just what is all the fuss about?

Lana's transition from chavvy folk singer-wongwriter to mainstream indie goddess, and the subsequent rise to fame seems to terrify, anger and intruige both the music critics and the public.
Self proclaimed indie kids are outraged by the blatant and crass use of retro and vintage styling in her image overhall, yet can't help but be drawn to her.
Men find themselves enthralled by her incredible beauty, but cheated when it is unvieled that she is surgically enhanced... and wait... is that not her natural hair colour?

Grazia has likened Lana to Rhianna, Beyonce and Katy Perry. At first this seems absurd, how can this manufactured nobody be likened to three of the most successful female recording artists of the moment? And it is within that respect that this is exactly where she belongs, on the pop culture shelf with Ri Ri, Bey and Kitty Purry for company.

Only time will tell if she can ride out the tide and make the second step, Indie Wannabe to fully fledged Queen of Pop.
Chances are that is is one rising star that has burnt itself out before its even had the chance to shine.

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