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21 November 2011

Livin' La Viva Glam Loca

So a few months ago the dissapointing and unlikely partnership of le Minge and Martin to replace Lady Gaga as the MAC Aids Fund Viva Glam ambassadors was announced to the world.
I'm going to be honest I wasn't exactly jumping for joy.... I was holding out for Katy Perry and instead got a poor man's Rihanna and a... well, a Ricky Martin.

The campaign is exactly what I expecting.
le Minge looking like a douche, wearing a pink lipstick that is 
a) Almost exactly the same colour as Gaga's original Viva Glam (But since when has le Minge ever done anything original anyway?)
b) A horrendous colour on darker skin tones ie/ hers
c) Almost the same colour as Pink Friday which refers us back to points a) and b)

On the plus side Ricky Martin is tattooed and camping it up to the max


1 comment:

  1. Get rid of le Minge. Destroy her by any means.

    Martin can MORE than handle the camp by himself. I also think the colour would look better on him and we would prefer it that way, but then, I'm no make up artist.

    Gaga was a feminist role model to empower our young girls. Douchebag here just looks like she's waiting patiently to be taken from behind by all and sundry. Which is not the image I hope MAC is trying to convey. But anyway, that's what it looks like. I couldn't imagine Gaga bending over ready for anyone to give her a bit of hows yer father- the perpetrator would get twatted with a steak.

    Bring back the Gaga. Or at least someone with a few braincells to rub together. And a less shudder-inducing voice...some talent...a face you don't want to instantly punch *wanders off muttering to self...*